Cladtex is a revolutionary poduct that provides light weight construction, amazing thermal insulation and 6 Star energy rating. Cladtex is also light on your budget and has a rock solid look.

Building Code of
Australia Compliance

Cladtex is Fully compliant with the BCA and Meets nescessary approval requirements.
 Value for Money Cladtex is probably the best value cladding available in WA.
Fire Resistant Fire resistant properties means Cladtex is self extinguishing in small fires.
 Energy Efficient Cladtex has a very high R Value. Allowing some standard homes to rate over 8 Star at no extra cost.
 Visually Appealing Finished Cladtex cladding has a similar appearance as rendered masonary construction.
 Versitile and Flexible Cladtex can be applied to various substrates in curved or straight lines
  Strong and Hard Finished Cladtex cladding can easily handle normal household impacts due to the reiforcement mesh and render coatings

Technical Details


 Typical Wall Detail
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Opening Flashing Details
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Wall Flashing Details
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Stud Frame/Balcony Joists
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Exspansion Joint, Back Blocking
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